The field of manufacturing machined metal parts is highly demanding and technologically advanced, and skilled workers with the relevant knowhow are a key requirement to excel in this field and to remain up-to-date with the growing demands of this field in general, and particularly for operation of the sophisticated CNC machines. There is a high demand – both in Israel and worldwide – for employees with the knowhow required to operate the respective machines in the aerospace industry.

Bet Shemesh Engines Ltd. (BSEL) therefore decided to build its Training Center to train potential workers and provide them with the required skills and accreditation for working in a facility that manufactures machined parts for the aerospace industry. The training is tailored to people who have no previous experience. This is a unique opportunity for the trainees to learn a highly demanded profession and for the company to obtain the works it needs to sustain and expand its business.

The Center presents a three-way win – for the people themselves, the larger community and the Company. The people are granted an opportunity to gain a profession and support their families, the Center will contribute to the prosperity and welfare of the local and nearby community of the city of Bet Shemesh, and the Company shall benefit from forming and developing the Company’s future generations of machine operators for many years to come.

The Need BSEL is growing and expanding. The current backlog of the company is approximately USD $1.3 Billion. The work floor area is being significantly enlarged and upgraded, new machines are being purchased and the need for skilled workers is growing – all to enable larger scales of manufacturing and to meet our customers’ needs and the growing market’s demands.

BSEL has joined forces with the Israeli Ministry of Labor to establish the Training Center for machining and related skills to meet the high standards required in the aerospace field. BSEL has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Training Center – in advanced, modern machines and equipment as required to properly train the trainees.

The Training Center includes classrooms, workshops and hands-on training performed on modern, state-of-the-art CNC machines. The training, all performed at the Center located adjacent to BSEL production facilities, is led by both BSEL employees and third parties and is supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Labor. Training courses may range from six to nine months, after which graduate trainees receive a formal Graduation Certification which is formally recognized nationwide.

Successful graduates may be posted in relevant positions at BSEL and with experience and further training may also advance to shop managerial positions or technical support and engineering positions.

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