The R&D and Engineering Division of Bet Shemesh Engines Ltd. (BSEL) designs gas turbine engines, modules and parts, taking advantage of the most advanced manufacturing technologies. BSEL offers development, customization, and manufacture of a wide range of gas turbine engines, with engines in the 150 to 1200 lb. thrust range already in service.






BS 151

In addition to expertise in jet/turbo engines, the division has over five decades of development and engineering know-how and experience in diverse engineering disciplines and technologies. Approximately 30-full time engineers boast a wide array of experience, skills, and specialties. Our team responds quickly to development challenges and provides ongoing support to BSEL’s activities in both the Engines Sector and the Engines Parts Sector, troubleshooting, the introduction of new technologies, etc.

BSEL’s R&D and Engineering Division may also provide general technical support and services in various engineering fields: design, integration support and customization for specific applications. Prototype and serial production are supported by the full range of BSEL’s in-house capabilities including the BSEL Rapid Prototype Center, test-cells, Machining facilities and capabilities, MRO services and more.

Engineering Capabilities

  • Thermodynamic cycle analysis and optimization
  • Aerodynamic components (compressors, turbines) analysis and design
  • Combustor analysis and design
  • Mechanical design
  • Structural and dynamic analysis and design
  • Bearing selection and integration
  • Materials selection, development and testing
  • Secondary systems design and selection
  • Aircraft integration

Technical Services

  • New design failure analysis, modification and improvement of turbo-machinery systems, components, and other engineering systems
  • New design or modification of fuel / lubrication / control system for new or existing turbo machinery and other systems
  • Development of Engine Diagnostic Units (EDU) for new or existing systems
  • Development of Engine Control Units (ECU) for new or existing systems
  • Rotordynamics of new design or failure analysis of rotating assemblies including modal analysis, calculation of natural and critical frequencies
  • Frequency response to imbalance and misalignment effects
  • Vibration diagnostics of various systems
  • Failure investigation and troubleshooting

Analysis and Design Tools

  • State-of-the-art aerodynamic analysis and design tools
  • Full CAD design capabilities
  • Integrated FEA tools for structural, thermal and dynamic analysis and design
  • Commercial and in-house thermodynamic analysis codes

Management and Technical Support

  • Comprehensive customer support system, including:
    1. Design, testing and manufacturing reviews
    2. Program management reviews
    3. Manufacturing and testing of prototypes
    4. Development tests of components, gas turbine engines or various turbo-machinery systems, coordinated with customer requirements
    5. Environmental qualification tests of components and various products according to MIL- STD- 810 procedures

Applicable Components in Turbo-Machinery Systems

  • Gas turbine engines
  • Fans, compressors (axial, centrifugal and combined stages)
  • Combustion chambers
  • Turbine rotors and turbine nozzles
  • Exhaust nozzles
  • Static structural parts (casings etc.) in turbo machinery systems
  • Auxiliary Power Supply Units – APU’s
  • Gas turbine application for renewable energy
  • Industrial power supply units
  • Impellers for special applications (medicine etc.)
  • Propellers for various aerospace, industrial and marine applications
  • Turbines for solar energy
  • Propellers for wind energy
  • Ventilation systems