Bet Shemesh Engines (BSEL) believes its unwavering commitment to quality is a prerequisite to the creation of highly-competitive quality products and services that meet BSEL’s customer’s satisfaction.

At both plants in Bet Shemesh (located in Israel), and at its subsidiary company LPO (Livinca Preciznih Odlivaka, located in Serbia) BSEL implements an effective and efficiently integrated Management System based on Defined Processes, Prevention, Measurement and Control, and Personal Responsibility, towards guaranteeing Quality at Source.

BSEL’s Quality Management System complies with AS9100:D and ISO9001:2015 standards and has NADCAP approval for its special processes.

BSEL operates in-house metallurgical, chemical and mechanical laboratories, enabling BSEL to control the quality of incoming materials as well as heat treatment and surface treatment processes.

All measuring, test equipment, and tooling are calibrated in-house according to regulatory standards and customer requirements.

BSEL continuously strives for improvement of its processes using advanced methods, employee involvement, quality leadership, and teamwork.

BSEL’s valued partnerships and continuous engagement with suppliers, subcontractors, and business partners guarantee BSEL’s continued growth and improvement and ensure maintenance of the most-advanced quality standards and processes designed to meet our customer’s highest demands.

BSEL complies with a wide range of customer specifications and applicable authority requirements. As such BSEL has attained a variety of quality certifications including:

AS 9100:D


NADCAP approval for special processes including:
NDT, heat treatments, chemical processing, conventional machining as a special process, coating, surface enhancement, welding, and materials testing.

BSEL’s commitment to a steady, long-term improvement of our products and processes is one of the cornerstones of our core values and business strategy.