BS 175A Engine

A small diameter, simple and low-cost turbojet engine, a derivative of the BS151 and BS175 engine family.

The engine is a single shaft turbojet with one stage centrifugal compressor driven by a single turbine.

Two starting option modes are available (upon request):

    • Pyrotechnic starter with two pyrotechnic igniters.
    • Windmilling with two pyrotechnic igniters.

A 2kw alternator and PCU are integrated into the engine. (A 3kw alternator will be available in the future.)

Two options are available for engine control (upon request):

  • Full authority digital electronic control (FADEC) installed on the engine
  • Engine control system integrated into the flight control computer (not part of the engine)

Engine's main features


  • Rated SLS thrust 196 Lb (89 Kg)
  • SFC SLS 1.19 Lb/Lbf/Hr
  • Airflow 2.73 Lb/Sec (1.24 Kg/sec)
  • Altitude 30,000 ft
  • Flight speed Mach 0.9


  • Dry weight 55.5 Lb (25.2 Kg)
  • Length 30” (762 mm)
  • Max. diameter 10.8” (275 mm)