Gas Turbine BS-GEN 520

The BS-GEN 520 Gas Turbine was initiated based on a customer request to utilize the stored thermal energy from their own TES (Thermal Energy Storage) unit.

BSEL delivers a low-cost, general-purpose solution for any heat source.

The BS-GEN 520 can be incorporated into a ground-based generator system, utilizing external air routing and TES units to heat pressurized air from the engine’s compressor and direct it back to the turbine. The introduction of pre-heated air increases the thermodynamic efficiency of the cycle, resulting in lower (or zero) fuel consumption (performance enhancement)
Distributed power supply

Combined Fuel & External Heat Turbine Genset

  • Utilizes any external heat source
  • Designed for thermal heat energy storage (TES) or waste-heat recovery
  • High-efficiency release via recuperated turbo genset
  • Can use natural gas as complement
  • Based on mature turbine technology
  • Modular design to fit costumer needs
  • High spares availability
  • Suitable for TES from 600°C upwards
  • Distributed power supply generator (emergency, hospitals etc.)


  • Power output 520 kW
  • Voltage 400/480 VAC
  • Electric output 3-Phase
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Efficiency LHV 30 %

Air Flow Requirements SLS
(output to storage)

  • Max air pressure 7 (101.5) bar (psi)
  • Max flow-rate 3 (6.6) Kg/s (lb/s)
  • Max allowable pressure drop 0.02 %

Fuel Input (optional)

  • Type: High-Pressure Natural Gas